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Learn how to grow your nonprofit through Donor Recruitment, Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media with Care2’s team of expert nonprofit professionals.

WordPress and Your Nonprofit: 4 Tips for Getting Started

How to create exceptional volunteer opportunities

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Run Your First Advocacy Campaign

Learn at the Digital Strategy Summit online (discount code included)

Nonprofit Marketing: Three ways to spread awareness of your cause

Care2 is hiring!

Aligning Your Nonprofit's Brand Across Digital Platforms

4 Tips to Create an Emotionally Evocative Website

Care2 & Microsoft Domains Update

POV: Involving Your Staff in Your Capital Campaign and Why it Matters

Meaningfully Connecting With Volunteers in the Virtual Space: Key Tips to Know

4 Strategies to Digitize Your Next Fundraising Campaign

How To Protect Donor Financial Data Online

4 Tips to Turn Your Upcoming Fall Fundraisers into Hybrid Events

What Equitable Fundraising Looks Like in 2021

New Webinar: Donor acquisition best practices for 2021

Brushing up on your email marketing fundamentals!

5 Facts About Online Learning To Help Drive Your Nonprofit Training

Learn digital strategies for NPOs from the top experts of 2021!

3 tips to maximize your petition's social media reach

Using Google Ad Grants to Stretch Your Marketing Dollar: 4 Top Tips

Harnessing Momentum: 5 Tips to Engage New Supporters

Increasing Your Website's Accessibility: 6 Best Practices

4 Fundraising Strategies to Make Your Organization Stand Out

Be represented in the 2021 digital future survey!

Engaging Supporters with Collaborative Facebook Challenges

Do they still love you? Re-engaging lapsed supporters

Strategies to communicate with your nonprofit board remotely

Care2 is committed to defending democracy

Fresh stats with good news about fundraising in 2020

The 2020 Digital Outlook Report is here!

Nonprofit Email Newsletters: 5 Optimization Strategies

Donor Data: How metrics boost your fundraising

3 Ways to Take Advantage of Texting for Your Nonprofit

#StayHomeShredLater – Combining online & offline messaging during a crisis

Who's raising money in the pandemic, and how?

4 tips for digital organizing when our communities are physically isolating

How to continue fundraising for non-pandemic causes

52 remarkable campaigns: Ideas that will change how you think about nonprofit marketing

Nonprofit Fundraising: 5 Ways to Boost Supporter Involvement

How to Run a Successful Multi-Channel Advocacy Campaign… With Tight Resources and a Small Team

Essential Elements in the Chemistry of Compelling Email

How Care2's Campaign to #EndGunViolence Engaged Millions and Drove Real Change

Improving Your Nonprofit Software Toolkit: 3 Tips for 2019

10 Things That Will Help You Set A Winning Strategy for 2019

3 Questions to Ask When Considering Advocacy Software

5 Challenges (and Solutions!) of Processing Donations

4 Ways Your Business Should NOT Respond to an Online Petition

So you want to start a do-good business? Avoid this dangerous trap.

The Costly Email Mistake NPO Executives Need to Know

How mobile-optimized nonprofits lead their donors on a journey

3 Ways to Keep Donors Happy in an Online World

Marketing Your Online Donation Page: The Essentials

Expand Your Nonprofit’s Universe with the 2018 Digital Outlook Report

What Will Your 2018 Digital Strategy Look Like?

The New Rules For Email Deliverability

8 Ways to Keep Givers Giving for Dynamite Donor Retention

Care2 Named Best Online Non-Profit Network 2017 By Technology Innovator Awards

Why Email Deliverability is the Most Important Metric for Nonprofits

Why Nonprofits Should Celebrate National Bike to Work Day

6 Climate March Signs to Inspire Your Weekend Protest

Advance Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy to the Next Level

Five Apps and Tools for #Resisting Donald Trump

Care2 Awards Eighth Annual Impact Award to GREY2K USA

Eight #17NTC Panels on our Radar

I’m a Millennial. This is Why I Support Nonprofits

Five Nonprofits Who Are Ruling Snapchat

Voting is now open for Care2's eighth annual Impact Award

Global Tech Trends for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tips to Fundraise More Effectively

Twitter Launches Fundraising Beta for Nonprofits

The Greatest Photos and Messages from the Women's March and Protests

What Does Your 2017 Digital Strategy Look Like?

Facebook and Instagram's Latest Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

5 Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Trends for 2017

6 Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from the Private Sector

#GivingTuesday Results Show a 20% Increase in Donations

6 Fundraising Trends About Millennials You Need To Know

6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Year-End Fundraising

Can Nonprofits Raise More Money with Apple Pay?

3 Ways to Step-Up Your Data Game

Best Practices to Increase Email Conversions

5 Things You Need to Know About the Newly Launched Facebook Fundraising

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Sold Activists’ Data That Turned Into Racial Profiling

Why Nonprofit Self-Care Is Non-Negotiable

Google Will Penalize Popups on Mobile Sites

How To Convert Donors And Subscribers On Your Website

20 Email Fundraising Best Practices

Three Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Snapchat

5 Ways to Get Your Facebook Content Seen by More People

4 Ways To Diversify Your Fundraising

12 Giving Day Tips You Should Know

New Poll Reveals Political Harassment is Increasing in 2016

4 ways nonprofits are using Pokémon GO

New Study Says Don't Be An Earned Media Hog

3 Strategy Mistakes Nonprofits Can Learn From Donald Trump

4 Easy Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Pokémon GO to Engage People

How This Welcome Series Toolkit Will Spur Your Supporters To Donate

7 Free and Easy Digital Tools To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Online Toolbox

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Be An Ally Without Stepping On Toes

Time to Submit a Workshop to the Nonprofit Technology Conference

Spendrise: New Platform Helps You Spur Change Where You Shop

Is Facebook’s One-Click Donate Button a Game Changer?

How Online Trends in 2016 Will Impact Your Nonprofit

9 Tips for Nonprofit Campaigners to Deal With Online Harassment

How To Fundraise Like A Rockstar: Tips From Nonprofits Doing It Right

5 Ways to Engage Online Like You Mean It

Nonprofit Trends And Strategies You Need To Know

Care2 Awards Seventh Annual Impact Prize to Covenant House International

Keeping Up With the Social Media Tide

How Political Giving Impacts Nonprofit Donations

3 Self-Care Tips for Nonprofit Teams

10 #16NTC Sessions to Attend

Webinar: The Overachiever's Guide to Year-End Fundraising

Three Apps to Reach Generation Z

Care2 Launches Hyper-Local Petitions to Empower Activists

How to Double Online Giving in Six Months

Big News: Nominations Now Open For the 2016 Care2 Impact Prize

The Truth About Nonprofit Online Fundraising in 2015

Is Peach The New Killer App?

4 Ways to Launch a Website on Time and under Budget

Four Tips for Nonprofits to Stay Relevant in 2016

The Power of Images: Care2’s guide to choosing the best images for your campaign

How Nonprofits Can Leverage Facebook, Google and Pinterest's Buy Buttons

Tips to Improve your Donation Forms

Three Last Minute Tips for #GivingTuesday

How Nonprofits Should Define Success

Is Your Nonprofit Doing Instagram Right?

ActionSprout and Facebook to Give Away $2M in Facebook Ads

10 Nonprofits to Follow on Instagram

5 Killer Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Crowdfunding Campaigns

Don’t Fake Your Fundraising Campaign

Ding, Dong, the Facebook Dislike Button’s Dead

Why Your Nonprofit Should Use the Facebook Donate Button

5 Ways to Prep for the Best End of Year Fundraising Yet

Igniting the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders

How Medium Can Help Your Nonprofit Tell Its Story

Is Your Nonprofit's Content Effective?

Tips to Connect with Millennials

4 Steps to Launch a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

Online Donations Rise in 2015

Why Millennials Are One of Your Best Audiences

7 Reasons Why Mobile Is Critical To Your Nonprofit

Four Classic Storylines for Nonprofit Storytelling

Donations To Charities Increase 7 Percent

How to Create a Tribe for Your Nonprofit

How Your Nonprofit Can Rock Instagram

Can Apps and Social Media Help Fight Injustice?

Is There A Correlation Between Paid Marketing and Donations?

Why Tracking Your Nonprofit's Growth Can Make or Break You

So long Frogloop, Hello Care2’s Digital Engagement Blog

Big News: Startup Challenge to Fund & Showcase Social Impact Ventures By Women

Making Your Organization More Fluid

9 Things To Do After A Donor Donates

Why You Should Crowdfund for Your Nonprofit

Wrap Up of Nonprofit Llama Drama

Awesome Sessions and Events to Supercharge Your #15NTC

Digital Adoption Survey Aims to Learn More About the Digital Divide

Infographic: 10 Things To Consider In Your Social Media Strategy

Report: Insights Into Nonprofit's 2015 Digital Strategy

Is the Humans of New York Community Every Nonprofit's Dream?

2015 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Survey

Are Facebook Videos Dominating YouTube?

Nonprofit Communication Trends to Expect in 2015

New Study: Investing in Facebook is a Waste of Time

3 Resolutions Every Nonprofit Should Aim For in January

How To Tell Stories With Purpose

What Does Your Digital Strategy Look Like?

3 Best Practices to Rock Your Blog

Do Responsive Websites Raise More Money?

Three Keys to Working with Crowds

42% of Donors to Crowdfunding Campaigns Are Ages 55-74

#GivingTuesday: Just One Piece of the Puzzle

10 Must Have Year-End Fundraising Tips

Scary Tactic Emails

The Great Mysteries of Donor Retention

4 Ideas for a #GivingTuesday Crowdfunding Campaign

Dearest Donors: A Love Letter

Is It Time For A New Website?

Can You Make A Campaign Go Viral?

Online Advocacy Drives List Growth

Kickstarter’s Founder Launches Nonprofit “Dollar A Day”

Is SEO Dying, Or Do You Just Need to Revitalize Your Content?

So you want to get into online advocacy?

Study: Nonprofits Score an "F" in Online Fundraising Scorecard

Tricks and Tips to Use #Ello (With Screenshots)

Need-to-Know Data about Generational Characteristics

Are You Keeping Up With Social Media Trends?

Strategies to Maximize your #GivingTuesday

Infographic: Data From America's Biggest Online Giving Challenge

Best Times to Post on Social Media

Are Nonprofits Staffing Tech Right?

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Reach Millennials

Will Nonprofits Take SXSWi By Storm in 2015?

Are Memes Really Just Slacktivism?

Effective Online Onboarding Strategies

Are You being Smart With Online Fundraising?

Infographic: 57% of American's Don't Trust Social Media

How Can You Maximize Your Digital Impact, And How Can Funders Help?

How To Track Your Twitter Engagement

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