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Grow your nonprofit's list by reaching out to our 50+ million members, using behavioral targeting and our members' self-expressed preferences. This means you'll be promoting your campaign to people who are predisposed to supporting your cause.

We can also help you reach over 150+ Million people through our media partner networks, getting you the exposure you need.

We help you build customized campaigns to channel the energies of our pre-qualified audience toward your organization, whether you are looking to drive traffic to your own landing page, increase the awareness of your organization around a particular issue, gather thousands of new online supporters, or win your next campaign...

With Care2 you can:

  • Recruit new donors members & supporters
  • Drive traffic to your website or landing page
  • Grow email subscribers
  • Grow your Facebook community
  • Mobilize grassroots activists
  • Integrate Direct Response Fundraising

Our Promise

We’ll help you recruit supporters who are truly interested in your organization. We do this by delivering only net-new, working email addresses, quickly and in the quantities you need.

Our Guarantee

You will:

  • Pay for performance, not impressions
  • Pay only for net-new contacts
  • Get the number of contacts you need in the time frame you need them
  • Get more responsive supporters than those recruited through other methods

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"Our roots are in online activism, and over the past decade we've learned how to optimize that strategy for maximum effect."

Randy Paynter


Examples of results we’ve delivered


Positive ROI within the first 9 months.
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recruit-new-donors-and-advocates-for-nonprofits-and-brands---EDF | Environmental Defense Fund

Tens of thousands of new supporters each year.
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HRC recruited an additional 30,000 new supporters.
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“The Care2 members who signed up for our email list proved to be people who were willing to take action and donate.”

-Elise Fullerton

Direct Mail Coordinator
Alley Cat Allies

“The Care2 is a pleasure to work with – responsive, helpful, and creative – an excellent partner for growing our network of global advocates.”

-Jenna Sauber

Senior Online Communications Associate
UN Foundation

“We return to Care2 every year to recruit new activists and have always been impressed with the results”

-Heather Yandow

Director of Development and Communications
North Carolina Conservation Network

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