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Care2 Team 7 min read

Care2 is committed to defending democracy

We passionately believe that for equitable change to take place, we need to be operating within a democracy — and the bedrock of a democracy is a free and fair election.

The Care2 community is made up of folks who see injustice and jump into action. We know that this year has been particularly difficult for those who want to see equity in the world; our resolve has been tested through a pandemic, civil unrest born out of a broken justice system, and now, a blatant attack on our democracy — the very thing that gives the people a voice.

Care2 team members are defending democracy

Well, we aren’t giving up and we hope you don’t either. You use your voice by signing petitions and now we need you to use it by casting a vote. Additionally, research shows the most effective way to get out the vote is by imploring your personal network to do so. Consider reaching out to five friends today whose vote you care about and help them get registered and make a voting plan!

Care2 and ProtectTheResults

Care2 has joined ProtectTheResults, a bipartisan coalition of voters ready to mobilize if the results of the 2020 presidential election are undermined. 

Coalition members demand that every vote be counted, even if it takes days or weeks to get an accurate count from critical states. 

VisitProtectTheResults.com to see a “Count Every Vote” event in your area on November 4th. There are over 450 events already planned!

How our team members are defending democracy

Care2 is its own special network, with employees living all over the United States and the world, who are committed to making a difference in their own individual communities.

Care2 is proud to offer all of our U.S. based team members a paid day off on Election Day and we are donating to a pro-democracy org for every person who volunteers. Care2 team members will be volunteering or working at the polls, manning voter suppression hotlines, phone banking, and more.

How you can join us

We urge you to connect with a local organization working to defend democracy up until the election, on election night, and afterwards. We likely will not know who wins the presidency on election night because we must insist every ballot is counted, every instance of intimidation, fraud or suppression is investigated and remedied, and that the true results are honored.

In this election, democracy itself is at stake. If we don’t use our voices this time around, we may lose them. To help you learn your role in protecting democracy, we have compiled a short list of trusted resources on bolstering a free and fair election and what to do next if our democratic values are not respected.

In solidarity,
The Care2 Team

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more reputable election information like the resources below, and remember the laws and rules around voting vary state to state, sometimes even county by county. Be sure to check your local board of elections for the most accurate information.

Before the election:

  • Vote.org – check your registration status or register to vote, find out how to vote by mail, and find your polling place.
  • VoteSaveAmerica.com – State specific laws and important deadlines. 
  • ACLU.org – Information on your federal legal voting rights and what to do if you see suppression or intimidation. 
  • 866ourvote.org – State specific information on voting rights. 866-OUR-VOTE also serves as an election protection hotline to call if your rights or someone else’s are being threatened. 

For after the election:

  • Protect The Results – a bipartisan coalition of groups – including Care2 – as well as voters ready to protect the true results of this election and demand a peaceful transfer of power. 
  • Hold the Line Guide – a guide written by experts in protecting democracy. This outlines the democratic principles of a free and fair election, what interference with those principles might look like and how to prepare and take action to defend democracy between now and inauguration day.