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Carrie Saracini 2 min read

Advance Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy to the Next Level


We have some exciting news for you. Care2, hjc, NTEN, and Resource Alliance have just released the 2017 Digital Outlook Report.

The report contains data collected from 530 nonprofit professionals in more than 20 countries.

Now in its third year, the Digital Outlook Report is designed to help every organization find digital fundraising success. Noting that 62% of survey respondents have no digital strategy or dedicated digital team, this year’s report focuses on step-by-step instructions to help nonprofits level up their digital activities.

The theme of the 2017 report is “Advance Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy to the Next Level.” Organizations are grouped into three levels of digital proficiency:

  • Level 1 (No Digital Strategy)
  • Level 2 (Basic Digital Strategy)
  • Level 3 (Advanced Digital Strategy)

Each level contains suggestions to help your team advance to the next level this year, along with plenty of resources and case studies along the way.

With actionable ideas for every organization, the 2017 Digital Outlook Report is really a must-read for any team hoping to improve. Get your free copy here.