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The most effective fundraising and retention tool on the market

The Care2 Cultivate Platform

Your large email file contains your most likely donors for this coming year, but, there's a huge segment of supporters who drop off your list or don't open your emails.

Care2 Cultivate uses digital activities to re-engage your list members, prompting new donations and boosting retention rates.

The Care2 Cultivate Platform

Engage Existing Prospects. Increase Donations. Reduce Churn.
Automated engagement Care2 Cultivate’s polls, quizzes & content pieces target and repeatedly engage your supporters, striking the right balance between quality engagement and direct solicitation.
Measurable ROI Care2 Cultivate reports provide unique insights into the impact of cultivation on donation, reactivation, & retention rates. Insights not possible through the black boxes of Facebook and Google Ads.
See a lift everywhere Care2 Cultivate makes your organization's supporters more likely to convert on all channels beyond email, including social media, direct mail, and telemarketing. 

Incredible results for incredible organizations

Laura Cole, Sanky
Laura Cole Director Account Services, Sanky Communications
“The combined value of engagements, reactivations, and donations far exceeded our expectations for our client African Wildlife Foundation, generating a return on investment well over 200%. There’s no other product that can generate this level of return with so little effort and investment on our part.”
Trevor Griffith Global Director Performance Media, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
"The results from Care2 Cultivate exceed our expectations. We saw significant increases in donation rates after cultivation and were able to reactivate prospects who'd dropped off our e-mail list."
Case study

How African Wildlife Foundation reactivated 100,000+ supporters

  • Cultivate targeted both actives and inactives on AWF's list
  • Cultivate built an emotional connection with supporters, boosting donations and email responsiveness

Is Care2 Cultivate your retention & engagement solution?