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Care2 Team 3 min read

The White House is blocking mass email campaigns, here’s how you can still be heard ...

The White House has made it increasingly difficult to send email in high volumes through their website. This has made it challenging for nonprofits and individuals to make their voices heard on important issues.

But, there is a workaround! Care2 can generate postal letters to the White House when someone signs a petition targeting the White House on Care2.com.

This is a great way to make sure that your voice is heard by the White House. When you sign a petition on Care2, we will automatically generate a postal letter that will be sent to the White House.

The letter will include a standard message, as well as your personal message to the White House. This is how to show the White House that you care about an issue and that you want them to take action.

In addition to generating postal letters, Care2 also offers a number of other tools that can help you make your campaign succeed. You can grow your email or SMS list, find new donors, retain existing donors, and most importantly, win your campaigns! 

Here are some of the benefits of using Care2 to send postal letters to the White House:

  • It's easy and convenient. You can do it all online, without having to print anything out or mail anything yourself.
  • It's effective. Your letter will be delivered directly to the White House, where it will be seen by decision-makers.
  • It's affordable. The cost of sending a postal letter from an engaged constituent is far lower than generating letters from other channels such as door to door or event outreach.

Reach out to learn how we can help you win your issue campaign.