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Care2 Team 5 min read

Custom GPTs and how your nonprofit organization can use them!

Happy New Year, nonprofit professionals! We have a fantastic "how to" guide to jumpstart January.

In a recent Tech For Good, Made Easy episode, host Randy Paynter explains how your charitable or nonprofit organization can use custom GPTs to improve your creativity and efficiency in 2024.

First things first, what’s a GPT?

A GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence language model that can generate content, answer queries, translate text, and even design code.

You might already be familiar with ChatGPT. It was created by OpenAI, a company that has recently announced custom GPTs you can use for tailor-made purposes.

Why should your organization use custom GPTs?

In the full Tech For Good, Made Easy video, Randy explains that the primary benefit of these GPTs is their ability to deliver outputs that are customized to your organization’s needs and brand guidelines.

Unlike the standard ChatGPT, personalized versions can be shared and preserved within your organization, ensuring consistency and alignment across your teams.

Three ways GPTs can transform your nonprofit work:

  1. Streamlined Content Creation: Imagine crafting newsletters or PowerPoint presentations that resonate with your organization's unique voice, quickly and efficiently.

  2. Educational Chat Bots: Engage and educate your audience on critical issues like environmental concerns or wildlife protection through a GPT-powered Q&A chatbot.

  3. Interview Preparation Tools: Prepare for media interactions with a GPT that acts as a mock interviewer, providing questions and feedback to sharpen your skills.

GPTs are more accessible than ever before

Previously, customizing AI technology required technical expertise and significant effort. Now, anyone can create these tools in minutes. What was once a challenging task for a non-coder is now an effortless process requiring no engineering background to set-up.

Watch the full video for a more comprehensive guide

While this article offered a glimpse into the potential of custom GPTs, the full Tech For Good, Made Easy episode below gives you a walkthrough of how to use these tools.

Are you excited to unlock the positive uses of GPTs for your nonprofit organization this year? Don't forget to subscribe to the Tech For Good, Made Easy series on YouTube for more helpful insights on technology for nonprofits.