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Claire Kerr 5 min read

Do they still love you? Re-engaging lapsed supporters

Thinking about how to get your end-of-year appeals in front of the audience most likely to respond? 

Did you know: An email address that’s re-acquired is two times more likely to donate than one that was recently added to your list.

Solutions to re-engage your lapsed supporters

Individuals that loved you in the past are always the best candidates when you need their support in the future. 

Solutions to re-engage your lapsed supporters

Your large prospect file contains your most likely donors for the year, but it loses value as 73% of donors only donate once

Lapsed donors and supporters can sometimes be a mystery. It can be frustrating when you don’t know exactly why a supporter stopped opening your emails or clicking on your content. 

There are many reasons why an individual might stop responding to your emails or phone calls. It could be a technical reason if their email address changed or an overly sensitive spam folder might be trapping your content. It could be a personal reason if their life circumstances changed or their interests shifted.

Whatever the reason, your organization can take action to reignite the love! Here’s one new way and four traditional ways to reach your warmest supporters.

Save time with an automated engagement solution

At Care2 we’ve designed a solution that automates re-engagement for you. The Care2 Cultivate engagement platform continually builds rapport with your most important audience without requiring time and management from your organization. 

Care2 Cultivate increases donors, reduces churn

Thousands of your supporters are already on Care2 every day to take action for good causes. Cultivate puts engagement activities like surveys and quizzes, branded to your organization, in front of your prospects while they are in “Helper Mode”.  

Care2 Cultivate Quizzes and Surveys

Powerful and measurable results

When a prospect engages three times with Cultivate, they are nearly three times more likely to stay active and donate. We also deliver actionable data you can’t find on other platforms, providing you with a roadmap to tailor your follow-up marketing. You’ll always know exactly who you engaged and how they responded on this platform.

The only work from your side? Asking us to turn it on!

Traditional re-engagement activities

  1. Archive your “inactives”. You don’t need to keep them on your send list, but don’t purge the record of the constituent entirely.

  2. Use a third-party data service to freshen addresses. Cleaning up your file is beneficial in so many ways and can be a low-cost initiative with a great return on investment.

  3. Plan a segmented reactivation series. Stop sending inactives the same content as your regular file. Send them content that acknowledges that they have been a past supporter. Ask them to take a donor survey or complete an engagement activity that doesn’t involve donation.

  4. Get on the phones. Plan a check-in with a script that thanks them for their past support, updates what you’ve been doing recently, and asks them what they’re interested in hearing about in the future.

Interested in talking about how we can work together to engage your existing prospects, increase your donors, and reduce churn?

Schedule a time to chat today about re-engaging your supporters!


Claire Kerr

Claire Kerr is a nonprofit veteran who has worked for organizations in economic development, education, and fundraising sectors. At Care2, she works with charities and nonprofits as they use digital channels to acquire new supporters. She has presented online, social & mobile fundraising best practices at conferences around the world, and also teaches “Digital Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations” at George Brown College in Toronto.