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Carrie Saracini 2 min read

Expand Your Nonprofit’s Universe with the 2018 Digital Outlook Report


We are thrilled to announce that Care2, hjc, NTEN, and Resource Alliance have just released the 2018 Digital Outlook Report.

The report contains data collected from over 500 nonprofit professionals in more than 20 countries.

The theme of the 2018 report is “Expand Your Nonprofit’s Universe.” This year, we leave behind the known universe of nonprofit innovation and explore new worlds of digital marketing and fundraising.

With in-depth guides and expert advice, we'll walk you through three areas that may be uncharted terrain for your organization: mobile optimization, tracking web conversion, and email deliverability.

With actionable ideas for every organization, the 2018 Digital Outlook Report is really a must-read for any team hoping to improve. Get your copy here.

All the best in 2018!