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Care2's Digital Engagement Blog

    Claire Kerr 06.07.2023 12 min read

    5 Research-Backed Trends to Help You Finish 2023 Strong

    Many charitable organizations experienced a worrying trend in 2022: A 10% dip in ...
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    Care2 Team 17.01.2023 2 min read

    The 2023 Digital Outlook Report Survey is here!

    The Digital Outlook Report is an unbiased, global, and trusted source of information ...
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    Claire Kerr 27.02.2020 3 min read

    52 remarkable campaigns: Ideas that will change how you think about nonprofit marketing

    Have you ever had a marketing experience so memorable that the messaging stuck in your ...
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    Allyson Kapin 18.02.2015 2 min read

    Digital Adoption Survey Aims to Learn More About the Digital Divide

    How do online services and Internet access help you and your team deliver services and ...
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    Salima Mangalji 17.12.2014 1 min read

    What Does Your Digital Strategy Look Like?

    Each organization has a unique approach to how they how they fund their digital strategy, ...
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    Allyson Goldsmith 14.11.2014 10 min read

    Scary Tactic Emails

    I have always loved Halloween. Haunted houses, a full moon, and starry nights.
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    Allyson Kapin 30.09.2014 8 min read

    Study: Nonprofits Score an "F" in Online Fundraising Scorecard

    Dunham and Company released an Online Fundraising Scorecard that looked at 151 nonprofits ...
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    Allyson Kapin 25.09.2014 3 min read

    Need-to-Know Data about Generational Characteristics

    We're getting closer to year-end fundraising. As your plans are coming together, you will ...
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