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Care2 Team 3 min read

Learn digital strategies for NPOs from the top experts of 2021!

The Digital Strategy Summit (May 3 – 7) is five incredible days of content for charities, nonprofit organizations, and action groups.


This is an inspirational line-up of expert speakers with actionable advice for every nonprofit professional or activist who wants to further their mission online in 2021.

Give yourself a valuable professional development experience you can apply directly to your organization’s upcoming campaigns.

The Digital Strategy Summit schedule includes:

  • How to improve your email communications with Gabby Greenberg at Blue State.

  • How to take advantage of trends in digital advertising from Ryanne Brown of Do Big Things.

  • How to retain donors and re-active lost supporters from Eric Rardin of Care2.

  • How to use data to mobilize communities with the Jon Ossoff For US Senate Campaign team.

  • How to use digital movements to drive policy change with Alicia Cepeda Maule of The Innocence Project.

  • How to design effective digital first content with Victor Nguyen-Long of Lockwood Strategy.

... And, there’s so much more to explore:
Text messaging. Integrated digital campaigns. Managing social communities. The use of online video! (That’s just a start.)

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about all these topics together in one place. 

We’re proud to offer you an exclusive Care2 registration code: care2-21

Use code care2-21 for 20% off registration today.

The Digital Strategy Summit 2021 is the best curated conference of the year. We’ll see you there!