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Care2 Team 4 min read

Master Spreadsheets with AI: Tools To Maximize Efficiency At Your Nonprofit

Love them or hate them, spreadsheet are a fact of life for most nonprofit professionals! In the latest Tech for Good episode, Randy Paynter reveals how AI is revolutionizing spreadsheet management. If you wish reporting could be easier, faster, and more accurate, this video is for you!

Randy shows viewers how ChatGPT can transform charts into data tables, automatically add third-party data, run calculations, and create compelling visual representations—all without requiring manual input.

While full AI replacement of spreadsheets isn’t here yet,  AI can serve as a virtual coach, guiding users through advanced features like macros.

Randy explains how you can access these features even if you don't have coding experience, or haven't taken a training course in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. AI assistance is a lot easier to leverage than you may imagine!

Watch the video below (and subscribe to the full series on YouTube) and learn to harness AI to do more, faster, with spreadsheets.