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Need more donors? We can help! Over 2,500 top charities rely on us to grow their communities.

Put your brand in front of millions of like-minded Care2 community members

Grow your organization with supporters who truly share your values

  • Own your community data
  • Get only new supporters
  • Acquire consent to contact by email, phone, or SMS 
  • Fixed and fair pricing 


What would you do next month with 30,000 more perfectly matched supporters?

Care2 members are passionate about causes. They're active in their communities, and donate regularly to nonprofit organizations.

By partnering with Care2, you can connect with our members in a meaningful way.


You are no longer stuck choosing between costly ad campaigns and slow growth from organic traffic

Care2 offers a better solution:
Target the right audience Instead of targeting by geography, age and gender, we behaviorally target your audience, getting you in front of people who really care about what you do.
Grow in weeks vs. months More than 47% of our active members visit our website every single day. That means a lot of people will be exposed to your cause, very quickly.
Own your community data We help you build your own community through permission-based marketing. So unlike with channels such as Facebook, you don’t have to keep renting your audience.

Trusted by over 2500 nonprofits and socially conscious brands

Nicola Garrard Regular Giving Manager - Plan Australia
Care2 has been a valuable partner in helping us meet our acquisition goals. We're reaching a passionate audience to raise awareness for our campaigns, while growing our base of qualified donor leads. And, the Care2 provides fantastic support!
Paul Habig President of Sanky Communications - Sanky Net
Care2 has been a steady source of qualified donor leads for many of our clients. Their community of supporters are highly engaged and dedicated to nonprofit causes.
Michelle Goldstein Director of Marketing - Abes Market
Care2 helped Abe’s Market recruit over 100,000 email subscribers in just over two months.  Their ability to recruit a targeted, high quality and high quantity community of brand advocates is rare, and we have seen solid ROI and retention from the community of people Care2 has helped us recruit.”

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