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Care2 Team 4 min read

The 2023 Email Strategy Summit discount code is here!

The 2023 Email Strategy Summit is three days of online content bringing you the latest trends and email strategies for nonprofits, advocacy, and social impact organizations!

All sessions are recorded and available on-demand the same day, and as unlimited video views online for attendees. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your team members to learn from digital leaders at charitable organizations, agencies, and tech companies in the nonprofit sector. And best of all, Care2 has a discount code for registration!

Register here: https://www.centerfordigitalstrategy.com/email-strategy-summit/
Use code: Care2 for 20% off the registration fee.

Take a look at the packed schedule of sessions

Tuesday, July 25th

  •  Email stewardship > Over Churn (  Acquisition budgets aren’t enough ) with GrassRiots – 12ET / 9 PT
  • A conversation about potential practical applications of AI on email – 1ET / 10PT
  • Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Communication in Content – 2ET / 11PT
  • Volume, Volume, Volume: How to Find the Right Cadence of Emails for Your Email List – 3 ET / 12PT
  • You’re Writing Your Emails Wrong – 4ET / 1 PT
  • Growing your email list with paid ads – 5ET / 2 PT

Wednesday, July 26th

  • Engagement Session with Engaging Networks – 12ET / 9 PT
  • Best practices for email acquisition with CivicShout- 1ET / 10PT
  • Retention and Reactivation with Care2 – 2ET / 11PT
  • What’s your user’s journey? Dynamic emails that reflect your subscribers. – 3 ET / 12PT
  • Victory Laps: The Importance of Sharing Wins Over Email – 4ET / 1 PT
  • Quiller demo – 5ET / 2 PT

Thursday, July 27th

  • Civic Shout Demo – 12ET / 9 PT
  • AI in Email Marketing: Automation, Personalization, and Beyond – 1ET / 10PT
  • Small But Mighty: The Small Teams Guide to a Mighty Email Program – 2ET / 11PT
  • Action Network Deliverability – 3 ET / 12PT
  • Care2 Engagement and Growth Demos – 4ET / 1 PT

Email is one of the top performing digital fundraising channels and a huge tool for effective advocacy. Let's demystify everything that goes into building a successful email program for your organization! Join us for the Email Strategy Summit, July 25-27th.