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7 Reasons Why Mobile Is Critical To Your Nonprofit

 …for starters, it’s in everyone else’s pockets. 91% of adults have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7. I know that it’s tough for nonprofits to find the budget and the time to make sure your website is responsive, but your donors, volunteers, activists and even your board members expect it. You don't want these audiences visiting your site from their phones and tablets and then be forced to look at a different site because your site looked funky, and was hard to read and search for info. A funder even recently expressed this frustration to me about a nonprofit they were evaluating for a grant. 

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Mobile

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Reach Millennials

Nonprofits have been trying to reach millennials effectively for some time now. Some organizations like Ask Big Questions, a program of Hillel International and Do Something have figured it out, while others are still tailoring their strategies. We took a look at a couple of surveys, from Millennial Impact Research and from the infographic, Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Consumer. For those of nonprofits still tailoring their strategies, we've got some tips on how to reach millennials.

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  Topics: Marketing Research, Mobile, Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, Online Organizing, Web 2.0, Trends

Is Your Nonprofit Spending Enough Money On Digital?

Is your nonprofit investing the right amount of money, resources, and strategy into digital? Probably not. Heck, even the NYT admitted in a leaked report that they are struggling with their digital strategy.

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  Topics: Nonprofit Benchmark Studies, Marketing Research, Mobile, Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, Metrics, nptech, Trends

5 Web Design Trends To Watch Right Now

Is your organization embarking on a website redesign in 2014? Here are five design trends to consider.

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  Topics: Mobile, Technology, nptech, Trends, Nonprofit

The Best Trends and Lists of 2012

One of my favorite parts about starting a new year is reviewing all of the top 10 (or in some cases the top 133) lists and trends. I find them useful to bookmark, especially when you need to get your hands on an important article that has good data or strategic advice that you want to share with senior leadership to get their buy in. Unfortunately, going through these lists can be overwhelming because there are just too many great lists to dig through. Don’t worry though, we have taken care of the heavy lifting at Frogloop and summarized our favorite “best of” lists that highlights strategists favorite trends and strategies from 2012.

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  Topics: Mobile, Online Fundraising, Technology, Trends, Nonprofit

Study: More People Donated to Charity in 2012 Than 2011

People donated more money to charity in 2012 than in 2011, according to a Blackbaud survey, where over 4200 donors from the US, the UK, and Australia responded to a variety of questions about their donation habits to nonprofits. They survey results showed that US donors contributed the most to charity overall, 3x as much as UK and Australian donors. Older donors gave the most amount of money in each of the countries.

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  Topics: Mobile, Online Fundraising, Metrics, Direct Mail, Trends

Mobile List Size Growth Decreases for Nonprofits

A new study by M&R indicates that nonprofits are experiencing a decline in their mobile list growth when they examined data from several nonprofits between June 2011 and May 2012.

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  Topics: Mobile

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