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Best Creative Nonprofit Campaigns for Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving

Since many nonprofits receive up to 40% of donations at the end of the year, nonprofits typically focus on end-of-the year campaigns, specifically in December.

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How Social Media Savvy are Members of Congress?

The Congressional Management Foundation just released their latest report on how 260 social media and senior staff who work for Members of Congress perceive social media. Check out some of the great data that could be very useful for your next nonprofit campaign targeting Members of Congress.

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How Useful is Social Media to Nonprofits?

No matter where you look, social media is on everyone’s radar. The big question nonprofits ask is, how useful is social media? In an attempt to help nonprofits answer that question, Idealware, in partnership with NOI, recently released "The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide."

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What Social Media Strategy Looks like for Safe Place

It was a sunny SxSW Saturday last week where people came together for  Zoetica Media's brunch and brainstorm session -- with one nonprofit in mind:   Safe Place.

Community and a Strategic Starting Point
The goal was to look at Safe Place's community, internally and externally, and offer a strategic starting point for this nonprofit's social media plan.
They are doing vital work in the Austin area. Their team provides shelter, a 24 hour hotline, and educational services to those impacted by sexual violence and domestic abuse.  
I haven't discussed this topic very much, especially in a brainstorm setting like this. Despite that discomfort, I was motivated by just how compelling a discussion group can be in the face of greater community impact.

Key Questions: A Social Media Plan Takes Shape
Who really is a community partner? 
How do they engage with eachother?
These questions were at the heart of discussion.  And Narissa Johnson, Safe Place's communications director, observed some interesting results from the conversations.  
In this onsite video interview, we talk about what most stood out strategically for taking her social media plan to the next level.
What do you think about these ideas? What would you add for moving her social media plan forward?


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  Topics: Social Networking, Video, Web 2.0

Social by Social: A Guide to Launching Campaigns Via New Media Tools

Nonprofit guru Amy Sample Ward just co-authored a new book called Social By Social, which serves as a great “how to” guide on how to use technologies to create social impact. Nonprofits and their staff will learn to engage a community, develop a blog strategy, define key metrics, scale up activities and sustain projects via the latest tools. Furthermore, Social By Social document pioneers like Simon Berry who used new media to successfully lobby the Coca Cola Corporation to support African aid.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Video, Online Marketing, Web 2.0

The Story Tellers Project Helps Nonprofits Document their History and Successes

The folks who run Story of My Life, a website that encourages everyday people to chronicle the stories that make up their life (aka anthologies) and share them online with friends, family and future generations, has cooked up a new project aimed at nonprofits. The Story Tellers Project is inviting nonprofits to share their personal stories and how they are meeting their mission and touching people’s lives. Here’s how it works.

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9 YouTube Features You May Not Know About

 This year, YouTube has really increased its offerings, giving the producer more control and opening possibilities for more interactive video.

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