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Are Facebook Videos Dominating YouTube?

Let's flashback to 2013 when Facebook announced in a blog post that they'd start autoplaying videos:

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  Topics: Social Networking, Video, Web 2.0, Trends

Infographic: How To Create An Awesome Meme

Telling a good story is important to moving people into action. Amy Sample Ward and I talk about this in our book Social Change Anytime Everywhere, which is coming out next month. We have found that people respond best to advocacy campaigns that tell stories and use calls to action that connect with them on a human level. Basically skip the jargon, and talk to people like you were at an incredible dinner party. Unfortunately sometimes nonprofits are afraid to get creative, particularly when it comes to humor. Memes are a great way to talk about your issue and use humor to get your message shared. 

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  Topics: Online Advocacy, Video, Online Marketing, Web 2.0, Trends

First-Ever Video Benchmarks Survey for Nonprofits

According to YouTube, 100 million people either like, share, or comment on videos every week. But what kind of a direct impact do these “social actions” really have, especially for nonprofits? Are people who like or comment on these videos signing up for organization’s enewsletters, are they donating money, volunteering, taking an advocacy action? These are the types of questions we hope to see answered in the upcoming video benchmark study for nonprofits being conducted by Edelman, See3 Communications, and YouTube.

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Why Animating Your Logo Can Help Tell Your Story

So you’re ready to make a video for your nonprofit. You’ve got amazing, dynamic interviewees that know how to speak with passion and really be themselves on camera. You’ve found a way to show the people you serve—the real human voices (or cute, furry faces if your organization centers on wildlife or pets) that give meaning to the work you do. Maybe you’ve figured out the setting. Maybe you’ve got a great stack of high quality images. And you’ve got a central message you want to communicate—a narrative that really invokes emotion and will satisfy your audience.

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  Topics: Video, Online Marketing

6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards

Voting for the 6th annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards is now open to the public. The Nonprofit Video Awards, which is designed to recognize nonprofits that produce creative and effective videos to highlight their mission and social justice around the world, will provide $14,000 in cash prizes and products to winners.

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Blog Roundup: Lessons from Kony 2012 Video Campaign

It’s been close to two weeks since Invisible Children released it’s "Kony 2012" video, which quickly spread across social networks, blogs, and made headlines across major news networks and newspapers like the NYT and the Washington Post. With over 80M views on Youtube, the video is still being shared and talked about.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Video, Technology, Web 2.0, Trends

Can “Viral” Videos Really Create Social Change?

The 30-minute “Kony 2012” video produced by the nonprofit Invisible Children, which generated over 70M views on YouTube over the past week, has caused a firestorm in the nonprofit community. The $700K budget video is powerful, provocative and tells an incredibly emotional story about Joseph Kony, a Ugandan guerrilla group leader, head of the Lord's Resistance Arm (LRA). Since 1986 the LRA has abducted 66K children, and turned them into child soldiers. The LRA are responsible for displacing 2M people since their rebellion began in 1986. While Kony was indicted in 2005 for war crimes, he has never been captured. Invisible Children is hoping to change that. Their goal is to make Kony a household name in the U.S.  This video is what we believe to be the first part of a multi-pronged approach for their 2012 campaign to lobby the U.S. Government to help capture Kony.

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