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Care2's Digital Engagement Blog

Allyson Kapin 10.12.2012 10 min read

Is Social Media Making Organizations Lazy?

My Facebook stream has been filled with nonprofits and businesses asking me to “like” ...
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Allyson Kapin 29.11.2012 7 min read

Strategies to Manage an Online Crisis

Every organization makes mistakes. Of course some mishaps are bigger than others and can ...
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Riche Zamor and Matt Kelley 21.11.2012 8 min read

Lean Digital Campaigns

The standard nonprofit process of building a digital strategy — or a standalone campaign ...
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Allyson Kapin 05.11.2012 4 min read

7 Voting Resources You Should Know Before Heading to the Polls

After an intense year of candidates using every tactic under the sun to win votes for the ...
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Allyson Kapin 17.10.2012 4 min read

Everything You Wanted to Know About Binders Full of Women

As voters watched the heated 2012 Presidential debates last night, there was a flurry of ...
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Jessica Edmonson 05.09.2012 5 min read

Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

There’s little question that social media is growing in popularity and becoming more of a ...
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Allyson Kapin 12.08.2012 8 min read

Three Strategies to Plan Campaigns and Engage Supporters

As a consultant to nonprofits, I get calls and emails daily from organizations are who ...
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Allyson Kapin 24.06.2012 1 min read

Infographic: The Future of Social Activism

Millennials often get a bad reputation for being slackers and self absorbed, but they can ...
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Allyson Kapin 18.06.2012 7 min read

Tips to Humanize Your Social Media

There has been a lot of great discussion over the past year about organizations striving ...
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Allyson Kapin 14.06.2012 3 min read

The Secret Ingredient to Winning Advocacy Campaigns

Advocacy and corporate accountability campaigns are some of the longest and toughest ...
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