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Webinar: Welcome Messages That Work

Are you getting the most out of your new email subscribers?

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Three Strategies to Plan Campaigns and Engage Supporters

As a consultant to nonprofits, I get calls and emails daily from organizations are who are looking to market their online campaigns, grow their email list, and raise more money. Often they are looking for a quick fix, which is just bad strategy and frankly a waste of money. When you focus on one-off marketing campaigns (even if they are done through multiple channels) that don’t have a long shelf life, you see a quick bump and everyone at the organization is jumping for joy. But once the marketing has stopped, everything goes back to normal. Your web traffic, sign up rates, media coverage, and donations level out pretty quickly. Sound familiar?

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New Study Highlights What People Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook

I know what you are thinking – yet another social media study. How many more studies can there possibly be when truth be told, having a good social media strategy is not really rocket science, which I discussed earlier this week in the post “Tips to Humanize your Social Media.” So while social media may not be rocket science, good data, such as the best times to post updates to Facebook, can better inform strategy.

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Reaching Millennials Through Email

The conversation on email’s demise and how Millennial’s refuse to use it continues to be debated. According to Nielsen’s report, State of the Media: Advertising and Audiences, 61% of the general population checks email while they watch TV. And 52% of 13-17 year-olds check email while watching TV.  It’s interesting to note that 62% of Millennials checked social networks while watching TV, which is only a 10% increase over checking email.

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Seven Tips to Write the Best Email Appeals

Email is a numbers game.  With competition for attention becoming more of a challenge every day, paying attention to the details and best practices matters more and more.  Here are a few key tips from Samuel Mesquita, an expert email copy writer who spent years at ActionAid in the UK.  You can read his full article here:  "17 Things I Have Learnt About Charity Email Copy"

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Email: Still Not Dead!

Mark Zuckerberg is a pioneer of the social web. Over the last eight years he’s led Facebook from a scrappy startup to one of the most powerful and influential companies. But when Zuckerberg says that email is going to die because young people prefer to text, you can’t help but laugh at the irony since providing your email address is actually how you register for a Facebook account. Despite how the web has transformed over the years, email is the one constant that has remained and is not going away anytime soon.

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Can Members of Congress Keep Up with the Digital World?

Let’s face it, the world is no picnic these days. We’re facing climate change. The world’s oceans are on the verge of being irreparably damaged. One of the worst humanitarian crises continues to escalate in the Horn of Africa, where famine, war and drought are threatening 13M+ people. Thankfully, we have some incredible nonprofits on the ground who continue to tackle these issues everyday, raise awareness and mobilize people into action. And now more than ever, people are reaching out to their members of congress through online channels to voice their concerns about some of these very issues.  But how is Congress responding? Are they adopting new methods fast enough to respond to their constituents in the digital age? Is the fear that their responses could be modified with malintent valid? The Congressional Management Foundation new study, Communicating with Congress: How Citizen Advocacy Is Changing Mail Operations on Capitol Hill provides some good insight.

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