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Learn how to grow your nonprofit through Donor Recruitment, Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media with Care2’s team of expert nonprofit professionals.

4 Fundraising Strategies to Make Your Organization Stand Out

As a nonprofit professional, you have an intimate understanding of the importance of fundraising for your organization’s overall success.

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Online Fundraising

Nonprofit Email Newsletters: 5 Optimization Strategies

Email newsletters can be a great method for soliciting donations and communicating with supporters. Here are a few tips for creating the best results.

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, E-newsletters, fundraising, email fundraising

52 remarkable campaigns: Ideas that will change how you think about nonprofit marketing

Have you ever had a marketing experience so memorable that the messaging stuck in your mind for days afterwards?

That’s exactly what happened to the Capulet team when they attended a climate conference and encountered a gate-crashing animatronic bear supplied by Greenpeace!

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  Topics: Marketing Research, Integrated Marketing, Care2 Case Studies, Nonprofit, Marketing, eBooks

How many fundraising emails should you send a year?

After working on over 400 nonprofit email recruitment campaigns, and helping clients plan successful recruitment strategies, I’ve realized that most nonprofits don't send nearly enough standalone fundraising appeals. I've seen clients make their money back on their investments with Care2 in as little as three months, or as long as four years. There are obviously lots of variables involved with raising money online – and ultimately in various direct response channels – however we now as an industry have enough data to know what’s possible for most organizations, and this article will hopefully give some insight into how to get the most out of your email fundraising program. 

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Online Fundraising, Metrics, Lead Generation

Don't Let Endless Meetings Derail Decision-Making

Does your organization have trouble making decisions? Perhaps you have endless meetings discussing whether to launch a campaign? Or debates about that rapid response to a recent development around a core issue that your organization is working on. Sound familiar? Our discomfort with taking action and making decisions quickly stems from our desire to want everyone at the table to be supportive and feel good about the decisions being made within the organization. But having too many cooks in the kitchen and this desire to please everyone actually derails our progress to make decisions, especially when it comes to rapid response. This is why organizations miss important opportunities during key moments to take the lead on national or local conversations relating to their advocacy campaigns.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Online Advocacy, Trends, Nonprofit

Webinar: Converting Prospects to Multichannel Gold

Not sure how much your online supporters are worth? Thinking there may be a better way to maximize their value?  Frustrated at internal barriers to multichannel integration?  If so, this webinar is for you. Multichannel donors are gold. Annual revenues are often 4x that of direct mail only donors, with higher retention and much better net.  Simply supplementing an email with a text or a mail piece (or both!) can dramatically improve response rates. This session is for those who are ready to break down the barriers and effectively conduct multichannel marketing. Join Jeff Regen of M+R Strategic Services, Adam Scruggs of the Human Rights Campaign and Justin Perkins of Care2, and hear them discuss how rapid, multichannel conversion strategies can turn your new online supporters into multichannel donors. See case studies and data on what’s working and what’s not. The webinar will also dive into the major barriers to multichannel marketing, such as organizational structure, separate online and offline budgets, and lack of data integration. You’ll learn about the practical ways that nonprofits are overcoming these obstacles to conduct effective multichannel campaigns leading to fundraising success.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, Online Marketing, Care2 Webinars

Game Changing Strategies for Nonprofits in 2011

What fundraising strategies will be game changers for nonprofits in 2011? What’s on tap for social media and advocacy? Frogloop asked some of our favorite nonprofit campaigners and experts to give us their thoughts and predictions. 

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  Topics: Social Networking, Integrated Marketing, Cause Marketing, Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, Online Marketing, Web 2.0, Trends, Lead Generation

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