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Have Questions, Not Answers for 2011

In the nonprofit arena, the word "marketing" can have a bad rap. But you can help change that--and with good reason.  Marketing, in particular, social marketing can make all the difference in your organization's work come 2011.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Online Marketing

Lessons in Campaign Organizing

With healthcare come and gone, today’s legislative buzz is all about financial reform, global warming, and immigration.  Recently, I asked experts in the nonprofit sector to find out how the people who are most vested in these social justice issues are gearing up for battle.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Online Advocacy, Online Marketing

Donors Need Engagement: Leveraging Brand Experience to Enhance Donor Identity and Involvement

If ever there were a time to invest in enhancing donor experience, now would be it. As people start to reassemble themselves after the apocalyptic economic crisis, and begin to rebuild trust in institutions (nonprofits included), there is an opportunity to create an experience that yields a refreshed, stronger, more engaged donor base.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Cause Marketing, Online Fundraising, Online Marketing

Useful Stats Every Nonprofit Should Know Moving into 2010

The Rise of Politicians Using Social Media

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  Topics: Social Networking, Marketing Research, Integrated Marketing, Online Marketing, Web 2.0, Trends

Multi-Channel Fundraising: Strategies and Tools to Engage Donors through Integrated Campaigns

Last week I had the pleasure of moderating a panel about this timely topic of multi-channel fundraising and communication for NTEN’s 501 Tech Club New York City at the TADA! Youth Theater. Simon Moloney, NPower Network & Conifer Analytics and Rebecca Willett, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, joined me on the panel discussion.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Online Fundraising, Technology, nptech

Winning Campaigns: Integrating Offline and Online Strategies is Key

My first campaign job was in 1995 at Colorado NARAL.  We didn't have an email list and we were just about to launch a website (complete with animated GIFs, natch).  Among my responsibilities was maintaining the citizen lobbyist phone trees - a job that entailed calling everyone on it every so often, in addition to activating it sometimes just to make sure everyone on it still knew what to do.  Over the many intervening years, I've worked on many campaigns.  These days, I'm far more likely to step back and marvel at how much easier it is to do some of the basic work of campaigns than I am to test a phone tree.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Online Advocacy, Online Organizing, Direct Mail

Why Nonprofits Need to Grow their Online Lists

The recent feisty discussion on Frogloop about whether direct mail is dying or not raises some vital questions for every nonprofit fundraising professional to consider. Regardless of whether you believe direct mail is on its way out -- and many smart people seem to disagree with each other on this point – nearly everyone agrees that the role of online giving is only becoming more important over time.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Integrated Marketing, Online Fundraising, Online Marketing, Direct Mail

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