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Care2's Digital Engagement Blog

Cassandra Smallman 01.09.2021 10 min read

Meaningfully Connecting With Volunteers in the Virtual Space: Key Tips to Know

After over a year of public health restrictions, organizations worldwide have had to ...
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Russ Ostler 27.08.2021 17 min read

4 Strategies to Digitize Your Next Fundraising Campaign

Software and digital tools have redefined how nonprofits think about outreach and ...
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Robbie Bernstein 17.08.2021 12 min read

How To Protect Donor Financial Data Online

It’s crucial to understand the best practices that ensure data security for all nonprofit ...
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Karrie Wozniak 26.07.2021 16 min read

4 Tips to Turn Your Upcoming Fall Fundraisers into Hybrid Events

For many nonprofit organizations, fundraising events make up a significant portion of ...
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Steve Shattuck 23.06.2021 15 min read

What Equitable Fundraising Looks Like in 2021

Throughout the last year, a lot changed for the nonprofit world. Engagement and ...
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Care2 Team 17.06.2021 2 min read

New Webinar: Donor acquisition best practices for 2021

Every year, charities and nonprofits experience churn on their donor file. A significant ...
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Brock Warner 07.05.2021 10 min read

Brushing up on your email marketing fundamentals!

Email marketing, put simply, is the use of an email platform to send a message to a large ...
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Matt Hugg 27.04.2021 14 min read

5 Facts About Online Learning To Help Drive Your Nonprofit Training

If 2020 (and the beginning of 2021) has shown nonprofits anything, it’s that online ...
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Care2 Team 23.04.2021 2 min read

Learn digital strategies for NPOs from the top experts of 2021!

The Digital Strategy Summit (May 3 – 7) is five incredible days of content for charities, ...
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Nick Black 16.04.2021 17 min read

3 tips to maximize your petition's social media reach

Let’s discuss the crowded social media landscape for nonprofits trying to spread the word ...
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