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Care2's Digital Engagement Blog

    Addison Waters 21.04.2022 17 min read

    How to create exceptional volunteer opportunities

    As a volunteer coordinator, you know how important volunteers are for helping your ...
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    Craig Grella 15.04.2022 22 min read

    A Beginner’s Guide: How to Run Your First Advocacy Campaign

    Advocacy campaigns drive society to consistently progress toward a better, more livable ...
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    Care2 Team 23.03.2022 5 min read

    Learn at the Digital Strategy Summit online (discount code included)

    The Digital Strategy Summit (March 28-April 1) is five days of online content bringing ...
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    Kevin Penny 15.03.2022 16 min read

    Nonprofit Marketing: Three ways to spread awareness of your cause

    Whether you’re focused on environmental defense, providing shelter for the homeless, or ...
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    Care2 Team 18.02.2022 3 min read

    Care2 is hiring!

    Care2 is a social enterprise using the power of business as a force for good ... And, we ...
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    Carl Diesing 12.01.2022 16 min read

    Aligning Your Nonprofit's Brand Across Digital Platforms

    Is your nonprofit an environmentally-focused organization that uses vibrant green hues, ...
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    Murad Bushnaq 03.12.2021 16 min read

    4 Tips to Create an Emotionally Evocative Website

    Picture this: You’re interested in making a donation to one of your community’s local ...
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    Care2 Team 01.11.2021 5 min read

    Care2 & Microsoft Domains Update

    Recently, a few Care2 clients reached out to us to share their struggles getting ...
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