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Care2's Digital Engagement Blog

    Danielle Marshall 14.01.2016 7 min read

    4 Ways to Launch a Website on Time and under Budget

    The other day, I heard an interesting question. "As a project manager, how will you make ...
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    Allyson Kapin 24.03.2015 5 min read

    Big News: Startup Challenge to Fund & Showcase Social Impact Ventures By Women

    How do we disrupt the nonprofit sector? I’ve talked about the dire need for nonprofits to ...
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    Allyson Kapin 18.02.2015 2 min read

    Digital Adoption Survey Aims to Learn More About the Digital Divide

    How do online services and Internet access help you and your team deliver services and ...
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    Allyson Kapin 12.02.2015 3 min read

    Report: Insights Into Nonprofit's 2015 Digital Strategy

    Now that we're settling into the new year, it's time to reassess your goals you set for ...
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    Joleen Ong 28.01.2015 3 min read

    2015 Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Survey

    Did you know that over 64% of nonprofits include technology in their strategic plan, and ...
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    Allyson Kapin 28.10.2014 4 min read

    Is It Time For A New Website?

    It's easy for nonprofits to get lost in the shuffle of acquiring new donors, engaging ...
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    Allyson Kapin 29.08.2014 3 min read

    Are Nonprofits Staffing Tech Right?

    In the past, nonprofits would just have someone on staff (usually the Communications ...
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    Allyson Kapin 22.08.2014 7 min read

    Will Nonprofits Take SXSWi By Storm in 2015?

    SXSWi is one of the biggest conferences for startups, technologists, and people who have ...
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