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OneWorld Event: Look Back & Ahead, Best Practices in Online Communications

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  Topics: Misc., Online Advocacy

New Study Suggests that Cause Marketing Boosts Sales

Consumers are much more likely to buy products from companies that support social causes -- and nonprofit organizations --  than from companies that don’t. This is the key finding of a new study conducted by Duke University and cause marketing agency Cone, Inc. The study analyzed the effects of advertisements for toothpaste and shampoo brands on 182 consumers – some of whom viewed generic ads, while the rest of the consumers viewed “cause marketing” ads emphasizing the company’s partnership with a nonprofit organization to advance a particular social cause.

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  Topics: Cause Marketing

Free Video Conference: Solutions Stars on Internet Marketing

Network Solutions is hosting a star-studded, free video conference on new and affordable ways small business and nonprofits can benefit from the internet on Oct. 29. While we assume frogloop readers stay pretty up-to-date on online marketing, just a look at the brainpower that will be speaking at the conference might make registering worthwhile. Some of the notables include:

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  Topics: Misc., Online Fundraising

Jenny Dirksen Dishes on Cause Marketing in Restaurants

Jenny Dirksen works for illustrious NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer, who owns Tabla, Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Café and several other of Manhattan’s finest eateries. But Jenny is not a chef, waitress, hostess or bartender. Instead, Jenny is a “cause marketer” in charge of Meyer’s charitable efforts to help homeless and disadvantaged people. Care2’s Dana Weissman sat down with Jenny to discuss her position at Union Square Hospitality Group and her role in shaping the high-stakes game of cause marketing in New York City and across the country.

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  Topics: Cause Marketing

See3 Releases Their Guide to Online Video...as a Video!

Continuing our coverage of the power of online video for nonprofits, we wanted to point you to a cool series of videos released by See3 Communications as a beginner's guide to online video.

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  Topics: Video, Online Marketing

Using Google Analytics to Track a Nonprofit Website (Part 1)

Nonprofits take note: Google Analytics software application has shattered previous barriers to analyzing and optimizing websites. No longer do you have to spend thousands of dollars a year to track how visitors interact with your website.

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  Topics: Online Fundraising, Technology, Online Marketing, Lead Generation

Care2 Launches America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest

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  Topics: Care2 News

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