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Mapping Your Nonprofit: An Intro to GIS

As a co-organizer of NetSquared DC, I helped design a presentation on the topic of GIS and mapping technology as applied to nonprofits.  The speaker, Robert Cheetham, is both concise and knowledgeable, but more importantly he has a knack for explaining GIS in a way that is very accessible to non-techies.  His firm, Avencia, is an award winning GIS consultancy.

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Every Woman Counts Launch Meeting

Lifetime Television, Redbook, CosmoGIRL! and Marie Claire joined forces to create www.everywomancounts08.com, a non-partisan coalition.  I had the privilege of attending the kick-off dinner reception last night.  As the event announcement stated so clearly, "women, who constitute more than half the population and vote in greater numbers than men, will play a critical role in the election." This fact certainly caught my attention.

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Despite Newer Technologies, Email Remains Number One

Mobile downloads, embedded video, and search engine optimization marketing might make us all bubbly inside, but a recent report in The McKinsey Quarterly posted on eMarketer showed that good ol' fashioned email was still the most popular digital marketing tool.

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Marketing Research, Trends

Did You Miss The Online Holiday Fundraising Season?

According to this post “Ring-Cha-Ching, Hear Them Ring” on the blog Email Insider, the retail email holiday season has already begun. In fact, it began in August.
Thankfully for nonprofit fundraisers, most donors aren’t yet in the holiday giving mindset. That means there’s still time to prepare for the end-of-the-year fundraising push.  So what do you need to do to get ready? We asked a variety of online fundraising experts and delved into some key online resources and found some great advice.

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  Topics: Misc., Online Fundraising

Overbrook Foundation Reports Grantees Don't Know Web 2.0

To date, grantees generally avoid the Web 2.0 tools, at least according to a recent study by The Overbrook Foundation and Allison Fine examining how (and if) grantees were using Web 2.0. 

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  Topics: Social Networking, Marketing Research, Technology, Trends

Online Video: An Interview Revealing Best Practices and Trends

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Tim Treanor, Chairman and CEO at Online Video Service, a firm that specializes in video content management for nonprofits.

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  Topics: Online Advocacy, Video, Technology

Second Life: Debunking Myths, Identifying Opportunities

As if the hustle and bustle of real life weren't enough, the booming popularity of Linden Labs's online virtual world phenomenon, Second Life has provided yet another way to put off that big project just a few more hours. 

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Advocacy, Technology

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