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James OMalley 2 min read

Props to MyEmma for Doing Good

emma_logo3.gifWe just wanted to give some recognition to MyEmma, the email marketing and communications firm, for the good they're doing for nonprofits and the world. 

Annually, MyEmma gives away 25 free accounts to deserving nonprofits nominated by users.  While the nomination is currently closed for this year, make sure to look out for when they're re-opened. No doubt, this will be announced on their blog.

Additionally, they plant 5 trees for every new account they bring in, which totalled 1,700 freshly-planted trees in January.

While we haven't personally tried their email service, we congratulate them on doing some good for this world.

MyEmma isn't the only for-profit company in the nonprofit sector pitching-in to make the planet a better place (ahem, Care2), but we're going to start highlighting a few other companies that are doing their part (especially when your nonprofit can get free stuff).