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    Care2 Team 17.06.2024 5 min read

    Are nonprofits aware of the dangers of email co-ops?

    A recent MSN.com article is calling attention to a serious potential risk for charities ...
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    Care2 Team 20.02.2024 2 min read

    Digital Strategy Summit 2024: Calling all nonprofit professionals!

    With five packed days of online content, the Digital Strategy Summit 2024 can help your ...
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    Care2 Team 01.02.2024 2 min read

    Master Spreadsheets with AI: Tools To Maximize Efficiency At Your Nonprofit

    Love them or hate them, spreadsheet are a fact of life for most nonprofit professionals! ...
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    Care2 Team 02.01.2024 5 min read

    Custom GPTs and how your nonprofit organization can use them!

    Happy New Year, nonprofit professionals! We have a fantastic "how to" guide to jumpstart ...
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    Care2 Team 14.12.2023 2 min read

    Honoring A Friend - The Joe Baker Fund

    Care2, Engaging Networks, and The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) are honoring the ...
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    Care2 Team 07.11.2023 2 min read

    Introducing: "Tech for Good, Made Easy" A Video Podcast for NPOs

    "Tech for Good, Made Easy" is a video podcast helping nonprofit professionals learn how ...
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    Care2 Team 21.09.2023 3 min read

    Join us at the Social Media Strategy Summit next week!

    You are invited to join us at the Social Media Strategy Summit — September 26-28!
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    Care2 Team 21.08.2023 5 min read

    Only ⅓ of nonprofits exercise their right to lobby for good causes

    According to a recent study conducted on behalf of Independent Sector, only 31% of ...
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