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    Care2 Team 24.03.2023 13 min read

    How to Engage Your Advocacy Campaign's Supporters: 5 Big Tips

    It’s no surprise that your nonprofit’s founders and staff members will campaign for your ...
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    Care2 Team 28.02.2023 27 min read

    Why Should Nonprofits Use Email Marketing? Making the Case

    While it’s true that email has been around a lot longer than many modern communication ...
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    Care2 Team 17.01.2023 2 min read

    The 2023 Digital Outlook Report Survey is here!

    The Digital Outlook Report is an unbiased, global, and trusted source of information ...
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    Care2 Team 16.12.2022 33 min read

    Google Ad Words For Nonprofits: 10 Keyword Tips

    As the world’s most popular search engine, Google puts an endless amount of knowledge at ...
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    Care2 Team 02.12.2022 2 min read

    Live stream: Fight employee Burnout with these 2023 Strategies

    If your organization is balancing complex issues like the decision to return to office ...
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    Care2 Team 04.11.2022 1 min read

    We want your input on SMS!

    Did you know: SMS has a 98% open rate and 60% of text messages are viewed within the ...
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    Care2 Team 25.10.2022 5 min read

    What does Facebook’s upcoming Restriction Period mean for you?

    You may recall that during the 2020 election, Meta (Facebook and Instagram’s parent ...
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    Care2 Team 17.10.2022 17 min read

    How to Plan a Multichannel Fundraising Campaign: 6 Key Steps

    It’s no exaggeration to say that we live in a world bombarded by media. From email ...
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