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How Care2's Campaign to #EndGunViolence Engaged Millions and Drove Real Change


In honor of the first anniversary of the Parkland shooting, Care2 recently launched a month-long integrated advocacy campaign to “#EndGunViolence” once and for all in America.

The outcomes of the campaign surpassed expectations. By incorporating a unique and strategic combination of digital strategy, tactics and techniques, the Care2 team engaged millions of people around this critical issue via online petitions, social media and other digital channels. The timely campaign also helped drive real political change.

So we spoke to our own Lacey Kohlmoos, Care2’s Organizing Strategist, to learn more about the key lessons she took away from spearheading this successful integrated campaign: 


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Fresh, Innovative Ideas on Fundraising

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  Topics: Conferences, Nonprofit Events

Taking Action

Many of us in America seem to have a mentality of “they” will take care of it. Who is “they” anyway?

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It is Time to Join the Mouth Revolution

If you have always considered yourself a true revolutionary, it's about time you open wide for The Mouth Revolution.  Free Range Studios created this innovative movement, sponsored by Annie's Homegrown, to promote organic food consumption and the elimination of conventional pesticides, chemicals and additives that are making mouths and other important body parts unhappy.  If you've seen the Grocery Store Wars and The Meatrix, then you've experienced the trademark goofy-yet-educational approach Free Range uses to spread its message.  The one-of-a-kind graphic design company prides itself in having Amnesty International and Clif Bar as its valued customers, offering "communication and strategy services to companies and organizations whose vision goes beyond turning the world into a strip mall."

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  Topics: Online Advocacy, Video

I Wish I Took a Class on Activism

Source: Flickr Creative Commons web site. By Incurable_hippie's Photos

If you have never received academic training on activism, now you can!  Thanks to Steve Chase, founding Director of Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program  (EAOP) at Antioch University New England, you can get a Masters degree that trains you to become a political, social justice and an environmental leader--In a few words "a well-trained activist".  Look out!! they are accepting applications for the fall of 2007.

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Featured Article from Care2 News Network (our own little digg)

Source: Spirit Bear Youth Coalition. By: Simon Jackson.

Campaign to Red List the Kermode Spirit Bear.

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Adventures of a Dead Elephant on MySpace

DeadElephant.ORG is a moonlighting effort I put together with a couple of friends.  The ideas was to demonstrate broad public disaffection with neo-Conservative policies and attitudes (full disclosure--by day I’m the user experience manager at Care2, but this was my own little side project.)   The campaign features 50 free, downloadable bumper-strips that share a tone of ironic parody, and a distinctive logo that links together every sighting of them.  The main aim was to create a hook—sarcasm—to bring more people who share progressive values to join in the fun. DeadElephant.ORG has no need to build a deep or lasting relationship with the activists we are trying to reach, which probably differentiates it from most other nonprofit campaigns. My other aim was to test out various social networking sites, to use them to try to get a campaign to go viral.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Guest Blogs, Online Advocacy

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