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Featured Article from Care2 News Network (our own little digg)

Source: Spirit Bear Youth Coalition. By: Simon Jackson.

Campaign to Red List the Kermode Spirit Bear.

The Kermode bear is a rare and elusive subspecies of the North American black bear in which approximately one in every 10 bears is white or cream-colored.  It is endemic only to the unique temperate rainforest region off the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada.  Biologists estimate a population of 1,200 kermode bears, of which less than 200 are white phased.  These white phased bears are known locally as "spirit bears."

The kermode bear faces extinction due to habitate loss as a result of logging and mismanagement; restricted range, low and declining population numbers and hybridization with mainland subspecies of black bear which do not carry the unique genetics that produce the rare white "spirit" bear.  Visit the original article on the Care2 News Network here for information about this campaign and petition.