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James OMalley 3 min read

See3 Releases Their Guide to Online Video...as a Video!

Continuing our coverage of the power of online video for nonprofits, we wanted to point you to a cool series of videos released by See3 Communications as a beginner's guide to online video.

This is a 7-part series of short videos designed to introduce nonprofit
professionals to new ways in thinking about online video. The agency says that potential future series may cover technical issues (choice of
camera to buy, how to get good sound, etc); storytelling -
techniques, finding the stories; or distribution (different video
sharing sites, how to use video on social networking platforms, etc).

The guide is a great, free primer about online video. You can check out the first video below and the rest of them here:

1. The World We Live In from See3 Communications on Vimeo.

Thanks Elliot for sending this in!