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Michael Hoffman 4 min read

Launching a Nonprofit Video Contest

We're no strangers to the world of video contests. Last year, our DoGooderTV Nonprofit Video Awards received over 400 videos from all types of organizations and causes.

This week, we've helped launch a video contest around one specific issue: driving smarter.

The online video contest is a new feature of the Drive Smarter Challenge fuel-efficiency campaign sponsored by the Alliance to Save Energy and 16 other diverse non-profit, governmental, trade association and for-profit partners.

I recently sat down for a Skype video interview with Gail Hendrickson from the Alliance to Save Energy. We talk about why they chose to do a video contest, what the process involves, and how they plan for success.

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And for anyone with a bit of filmmaking talent, enter to win a $5,000 grand prize.

This article was written by Michael Hoffman, the CEO at See3 Communications, a firm that provides interactive media and marketing to nonprofit organizations. To learn more, sign up for their free webinar, “Crafting a Nonprofit Video Strategy” on August 26th.

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