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Justin Perkins 4 min read

So long Frogloop, Hello Care2’s Digital Engagement Blog

 So long sweet frogloop.com. On your 9th justin-perkinsbirthday, you have passed your right of  passage and deserve a new name – Care2’s Digital Engagement Blog.

You started out small and simple, a fledgling blog before the gold rush of social  media exploded. You quickly came into your own - providing a voice for hundreds of  pioneers in the hinterlands of the internets.

You showed us the secrets of MySpace. The magic of avatars coming to life and protesting. The Emperor of Social Media without his clothes. And secrets to winning campaigns and donations for great nonprofit causes online.

You scored sweet points on AllTop, and even won Digg.com for a day. You featured many smart strategists working on human rights, free press, animal rights, and the environment.

It’s with bittersweet feelings that you’ve now grown up from a cute little frog, to a full fledged butterfly. You provided a beacon for those brave souls who dared to capture the alchemy of nonprofit internet marketing.

But you’re not gone. Like Obi wan, you’re just transcending to the next level of the game and with a new name. We can’t wait to share the latest nonprofit trends in online advocacy, fundraising, and social media.


*Justin Perkins is the Sr. Director of Brand Engagement @ Care2.  Frogloop.com was Justin’s first project at Care2 back in 2006, and has provided years of great advice to nonprofit and cause marketers, fundraisers, and organizers.  Interested in guest-blogging for the new version of frogloop…Care2Engage.com? Please submit ideas to Eric Rardin.

A special thanks from all of us at Care2 to Allyson Kapin at Rad Campaign who has masterfully curated frogloop.com to be one of the top blogs on nonprofit digital marketing.