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Mark Rovner 3 min read

Let’s Tell Stories to Each Other

Those of us who work in the nonprofit, “make the world a better place” sector, talk a lot about good storytelling. That’s because the craft of storytelling is hard, and takes practice. When you get good at it, though, it can transform your communications and fundraising.

But if all we ever do is talk about good stories – without telling some actual stories of our own – well that’s pretty unsatisfying. It’s like a bunch of chefs reading their gourmet cookbooks to each other, but never cooking for each other, and getting to taste each other’s actual food. What a tease!

Network for Good’s Katya Andresen and I want to feed all you hungry storytellers – and let you feed the rest of us, too. We want to create a stage to spotlight good storytelling by the same smart, cause-loving people who work in this great “make the world a better place” sector.

So we’ve officially launched an online journal called “Characters.” Now we are cordially inviting you to submit your short stories, your non-fiction accounts, and your photography for the inaugural issue, which will be out this fall.

Check it out: http://charactersmag.com/

Your story does not need to be about your work, or about anything in particular. The theme of the first issue is HOPE AND FEAR – which could cover just about anything.

If you work for a nonprofit, or consult for one, or do volunteer work, then you’re eligible to submit. We’re asking for a $10 submission fee, to offset the out-of-pocket costs of making Characters happen. If you have a great story to share, but don’t have the ten bucks, then please submit it directly to me at mjrovner AT me.com.

See you in issue #1!


*Mark Rovner is the co-founder of Sea Change Strategies.