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James OMalley 6 min read

Vlinks: The Web's Best Video Sharing, Vlogging, and Resources

youtubeand.jpgYou've heard of YouTube.  You've heard of...well, have you heard of anyone else?  Believe it or not, YouTube is not the be all end all of video hosting sites.  Competition is here and in a serious way.

Rather than join the ranks of the dozens of other blog entries introducing and comparing these other sites, we'll just give you the links to some of the best articles about it around the 'Net.  Not only that, but here's also some help with how your nonprofit can use these great video hosting sites. 

Ten Video Sharing Services Compared
According to Google, this is the Web's premier article on "video sharing sites comparison."  Unfortunately, it misses an excellent site, blip.tv, but the rest of the post is pretty dead on.

Online Video Industry Index
This is more than you would probably ever want to know about the online video industry.  From video sharing to the vlogosphere, this comprehensive post from Read/Write Web covers it all.

Video Site Cheat Sheet II
This cheat sheet from Light Reading provides a nice, quick guide to some frequently asked questions you might have about the different video hosting sites. 

A Few Good Nonprofit Video Channels
Net-Squared gives a list of video sharing services that are specifically dedicated to hosting the media of nonprofits.  It would make sense, then, that the audiences of these sites sympathize more with the causes of nonprofits.  Because of the demographic, your videos may have maximum impact on one of these, not YouTube.

Understanding Video-Sharing Sites' Terms of Service
Tech Soup helps you make sense of all that fine print with this nice guide to what exactly the terms of service mean for your nonprofit.

Share Your Nonprofit's Videos with the World
Here's another Tech Soup article, this time describing how your nonprofit can use the free video hosting sites to promote its cause.

Why Your Nonprofit Should Use Videoblogs
This article from Wild Apricot explains how video blogigng (or vlogging) can be a great tool for your nonprofit.

A Look at Nonprofits and Vlogging
Similary, our friend Beth Kanter weighs the positives and negatives of vlogging for your nonprofit.

A One Planet Life
Of course, we couldn't do a post on the power of video-sharing sites without doing a little shameless self-promotion and linking our "A One Planet Life" video.  Here's a heck of an example of the type of video nonprofits can use to promote their cause.  We chose YouTube and Dailymotion, among others to upload the clip to.  Thanks Free Range Studios!