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Neal Gorenflo 2 min read

The Value of Planning Your Communications Strategy

sample communications plan.gifI'm always heartened when a client makes a Care2 media buy from me as part of a comprehensive e-mail communications plan. Why? Mostly because I'm more confident they'll get a good ROI on their investment and therefore return to do business with me another day. So it's well worth mentioning a recent article by Dottie Hodges, Nonprofit Practice Lead of Northridge Interactive, about how to plan an e-mail communications strategy. I particulary like point three in her article which urges nonprofit communications professionals to develop a communications calendar. A communications calendar ensures the right frequency of communication and literally keeps all internal stakeholders on the same page. And let's not forget point five about testing. As Agata pointed out in a recent post, organizations should even test to discover for themselves the best day of week and time of day to send messages to their constituents.