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Allyson Kapin 4 min read

Is There A Correlation Between Paid Marketing and Donations?

Allyson-Kapin-headshot1 Last week, we updated you about why tracking your nonprofit’s growth can make or break you. We supported our claim with the recently released 2015 M+R Benchmarks Study that featured stats from 84 nonprofits. We promised a follow up with highlighted findings on website engagement. We’re here to deliver!!

Let’s start with some good news. Overall website visitors per month increased 11% since 2013. Unfortunately website donations went down in the nonprofit sector. Check out the stats below.


  • The percentage of website visitors who donated is down 0.05%.
  • Not only is the number of people who donated down, but the amount donated also decreased. Nonprofit’s raised $0.61 per website visitor – a 12% decrease.
  • An average of 13% of visitors to a nonprofit’s main donation page completed a gift.
  • A shout out to all the small organizations out there: small nonprofits converted the highest percentage of visitors at 28% (an 18% increase!).

Next, we take a look at paid web marketing by nonprofits, which is an important part of growing any nonprofit’s email list.

  • 76% of organizations (out of 74) invested in some form of paid web marketing in 2014.
  • Text and display ads were the most popular methods of paid marketing. A whopping 66% invested this way.
  • 18% of nonprofits who invested in web marketing in general spent more than $75K.


How does your nonprofit line up? What do your donor conversion rates look like? Are you planning to invest in paid web marketing this year? If so, how much money will you invest and on what platforms?



Allyson Kapin

Allyson has been named one of "Top Tech Titans" by the Washingtonian, one of the Most Influential Women In Tech by Fast Company, and one of the top 30 women entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Forbes for her leadership role in technology and social media. As Founding Partner of Rad Campaign, she leads the firm's client and online strategic services. For over a decade Allyson has helped non-profit organizations and political campaigns create dynamic and award-winning websites and online marketing and recruitment campaigns. She works side-by-side with her clients to meet their web needs and maximize their online effectiveness to create real world impact.