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Allyson Kapin 7 min read

Blog Picks of the Week

After scouring the web, two articles caught our attention this week. Check them out and feel free to share your own picks of the week.

The Death of Facebook
Geoff Livingston wrote a thought-provoking piece this week about the death of facebook.

"Who in their right mind would predict the death of Facebook given its ever increasing dominance? But this is a question everyone asks, 'What’s next?' said Livingston.

Frogloop readers also ask this question frequently. As nonprofit campaigners know, it's critical that we understand what's coming down the pipeline and be nimble enough to redirect some of our outreach resources. Also, don't place all of your eggs in one basket. Check out Frogloop's article "Is Your Nonprofit Too Social Media Dependent."

One of the reasons Facebook has continued to grow and dominate for so long is because it uses the McDonalds model. "That’s right, McDonalds," said Livingston.

"A good part of McDonalds relevancy lies in its ability to offer a cheap menu of foods and beverages that are popular in contemporary society. Facebook does the same with its social network functionality.

But trends come and go and eventually Facebook will fade out too. What's next? Livingston recommends keeping an eye in Ipad apps such as Flipboard which allows users to create their own magazine based on preferences and socially recommended content and ABC’s iPad app, a visual globe of news stories.

Click here to read the full article.

5 Reasons Why No One is Reading your Enewsletter

Is your organization struggling to get decent open and click-through rates on your enewsletter? You are not alone. While there are several things you can do improve your enewsletter and make it resonate with your supporters (check out Frogloop's article 10 Fast Tips to Boost Your Enewsletter Performance) Sean D'Souza over at the Copyblogger says that there are 5 common mistakes that you need to address ASAP.

Mistake # 1: Your newsletter isn’t helpful

If your content is NOT useful to your target audiences, guess what? They won't read it. Tailor the content to your audiences. Remember it's not about you. It's about your audiences and what resonates with them.

Mistake #2: Your voice isn’t particularly compelling

Do you enjoy talking to boring people? No. So why would you expect people to read a boring enewsletter. Find your writing voice. Tell stories. Paint a picture around the issues you are sharing with your supporters.

Mistake # 3: You’re not telling stories

See number 2 about telling a story and painting a picture for your readers

Mistake # 4: You have a half-hearted call to action

Do you want supporters to take an action? I sure hope so. Make sure you use directive language when you ask them to take an action. Be upfront and don't beat around the bush. Also, don't bury your action at the bottom of the enewsletter or rely on callout boxes off to the side all of the time. Mix it up and of course test it.

Mistake# 5: You don’t have a specific frequency

Stick to a regular publishing schedule so people know when to expect their enewsletters in their in-boxes.

Click here to read the full article.


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