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What's an Email Address Worth? Just Calculate it!

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Marketing Research

Webinar: How Online Marketing Can Be Your Nonprofits Fundraising Stimulus Plan

Care2 is hosting a webinar on How Online Marketing Can Be Your Fundraising Stimulus Plan During Tough Times on Tuesday, February 24th at 2PM.

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What's an Email Address Worth?

How to Measure the Value of an Online Supporter

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Marketing Research, Online Fundraising

Care2 Helps in Law of the Sea Win

Congratulations to Citizens for Global Solutions in their big victory – helping push the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote in favor of sending the Law of the Sea Treaty to the full Senate for possible ratification. 

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Did You Miss The Online Holiday Fundraising Season?

According to this post “Ring-Cha-Ching, Hear Them Ring” on the blog Email Insider, the retail email holiday season has already begun. In fact, it began in August.
Thankfully for nonprofit fundraisers, most donors aren’t yet in the holiday giving mindset. That means there’s still time to prepare for the end-of-the-year fundraising push.  So what do you need to do to get ready? We asked a variety of online fundraising experts and delved into some key online resources and found some great advice.

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  Topics: Misc., Online Fundraising

CASE STUDY: Marine Conservation Group Wins Victory with Care2

The Challenge:
In the closing weeks of the 110th Congress in late 2006, lawmakers were readying for a vote on legislation that would weaken protection of key fish populations in U.S. waters. The Marine Fish Conservation Network (MFCN), a coalition of over 190 organizations dedicated to ocean conservation, wanted to educate members of Congress and ask them to reject proposals that might do irreparable harm to several fish species. MFCN decided to mount a swift, targeted campaign mobilizing many thousands of citizens to contact their representatives and urge them to cast a vote to protect fish. At the same time, MFCN hoped that the campaign also would serve a second purpose, namely, to identify people who might become loyal donors in support of MFCN’s vital work.

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  Topics: Care2 Case Studies

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