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Jordan Wait 3 min read

Who's Donating Through Cyberspace?

You might not be surprised that online donations are on the rise over the past few years.  However, you might be surprised by how much donors are giving and by the types of donors.   For starters, did you know online donations reached roughly $4.5 billion dollars in 2005?  This number is slightly inflated by the tragedies of Huricane Katrina and the Tsunami in South Asia, but this number is up from about $250 million in 2000. 

Network for Good is one company that aides in processing online donations.  Over the past five years, they've processed $100 million in online donations from over 23,ooo charities!  Network for Good in partnership with GuideStar, recently conducted a study to examine their portion of online donations.  Here are a few of the findings...

  • Roughly 10-15% of donations come through the internet.
  • Donors value the speed and convenience of online transactions.  Online donating allows them to respond quickly.
  • Online donors give significantly more than offline donors.
  • The average online donor is around the age of 40.  Offline donors tend to be over the age of 60.
  • The long tail idea applies to online giving.  At Network for Good, 50% of donations go to 1% of charities.  The rest is spread out over the long tail
  • Disaster relief is the leading category when it comes to online donations. 
  • Online donations are very cost effective.  The cost per dollar of raising money via the internet is as little as five cents.