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Ifdy Perez 4 min read

No Losers Allowed in the Fundraising Game

Somehow, in our age, fundraising became a win-or-lose game for people and organizations trying to do some good in their communities. Nonprofits are strapped with time and resources, and good citizens have to jump through hoops to make a difference. The playing field is almost unfair when you think about the things local causes need to be effective in bringing about change in our communities.

Twive and Receive (pronounced like Give and Receive), is a new fundraising competition inspired by Twestival Local that helps level the playing field in online fundraising. Small, local nonprofits in the U.S. have the chance to spread the word, reach new donors, and fundraise using cost-effective tools in social media through a gamified fundraising competition.

Local-serving 501-c-3s are applying to be the one and only organization to represent their city in Twive. Selected nonprofits will activate their networks in a race to see who can fundraise the most for a chance to win a share of the $30,000 prize. The twist is that donations can only be made within a 24-hour period, starting at 12AM Pacific on June 14th.

The tight deadline and race to see who raises the most are key elements of the competition that excite both donors and nonprofits to participate. This isn’t new to the fundraising world; gamifying fundraising has worked in giving events in the past, like DC’s $2 million Give to the Max Day last November. It builds excitement and engagement, helping nonprofits reach their fundraising goals, and cultivate relationships with new and existing donors—all through social media.

For many nonprofits social media fundraising is still a foreign language, however, and this is a hurdle the online social good community is working to get over. But with Twive’s free webinars and templates, nonprofits are given executable resources that can help them reach their goals in the Twive competition, in addition to giving their staff the venue to prime their skills in online fundraising for the long-run.

Over 100 organizations have jumped on the bandwagon to represent their local community in the competition. And popular social media enthusiasts have taken the lead to champion their favorite local cause and city. John Haydon and Joe Waters are representing Boston, Heidi Massey in Chicago, and Noland Hoshino in Vancouver, among others—all in friendly rivalry, of course!

Twive is an event where regular people, like you and me, who believe in a cause and are proud of their hometown can use social media as a megaphone to do some social good in their community. It’s even more exciting to see this big impact take place in one day!

If your nonprofit hasn’t signed up yet, don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Check out the list of participating cities to see if the city you serve hasn’t been taken yet, and apply soon before someone else calls dibs!