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Hatef Yamini 3 min read

New Studies Reveal Important Trends Facing NPOs

Nonprofits are doing well and they are getting better at using e-mail. At least that is the conclusion of two separate reports released by MarketingSherpa and Guidestar.

Guidestar's fifth anual Nonprofit Economic Survey measures the demand for services of NPOs of all sizes. In total, Guidestar tracked 3,820 individuals from more than 1,371 charitable organizations. The survey, which took place between October 9 and 23, 2006, revealed a three year trend of increased contributions to NPOs (both small and large) and in all areas of the country.  Specifically, 72% of respondents said demand grew for the services of their organizations. Interestingly, some sectors were surprisingly bucking this positive trend. You can download the, "Guidestar 2006 NPO Survey" at http://www.guidestar.org/news/features/2006_survey.pdf.

MarketingSherpa also released an annual study focusing on e-mail marketing techniques and the future of mobile marketing. The report is an exhaustive 325 pages and features 8 eyetracking heat maps and 233 charts and tables. An excerpt of the Marketing Sherpa E-mail Annual Study can be found at http://www.marketingsherpa.com/exs/EMBG07_execsumm.pdf.

Here are some of the key conclusions:

  • Email continues to perform well (despite the negative hype).
  • Small opt-in form design changes can have big impact on results.
  • Landing page tests give the best ROI.
  • People tend to click where designers don't expect.
  • Corporations continue to filter permission email by mistake.
  • Business mail is increasingly being read on devices like Blackberry's and not on computers.