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Justin Perkins 1 min read

Care2 in the news about Social Networking and Activism

I stumbled across this article today on the Digital Divide Network site about social networking platforms and how they can benefit nonprofits.  It's always nice when someone catches on to how Care2 benefits nonprofits, since to date, we've really spent almost no money on marketing.

"...Early in 2006, Texas-based animal-rescue organization Puppy Passions Rescue and Transport found itself caring for Lola, a dog who was nursing both her own puppies and a litter of orphaned pups. Tragically, Lola was also infected with heartworms, and the organization was having a tough time coming up with the money it needed to pay for her treatment.

To help raise funds to cover Lola's medical care, Puppy Passions requested donations at Care2, an online social network that allows individuals and philanthropic groups to connect with one another using tools such as blogs, messages, and petitions.

"We were extremely overwhelmed at the sudden response from people donating and wanting to help all they could," said Mike Sexton, Puppy Passions' Vice President.

Within just a few days of posting Lola's picture and story on a Care2 message board, Puppy Passions had received the $600 they needed to cover her veterinary bills from online community members touched by Lola's plight..."