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Allyson Kapin 5 min read

Blog Picks of the Week

There has been so much good content by some of our favorite bloggers this week that we had to share these gems with you.


7 Simple Ways to Improve Google+ Engagement

Shelly Kramer admits that Google+ may not be the most popular social network everyone thought it would be, but the growing social network has some fantastic benefits, one biggie being SEO. 

Check out Kramer's seven that tips can help you boost your Google+ presence and engagement. “And, by extension, you’ll boost your SEO visibility. That’s what we call a win-win,” says Kramer.

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Why, How and When to Quit FeedBurner

Have you noticed major issues with Feedburner lately, namely it not working. Many bloggers in the space are experiencing it. But don’t worry Maddie Grant at Social Fish has you covered. Check out her great post about how to migrate Feedblitz.

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Breaking Down Organizational Silos

Ok, so technically this is not a blog post, but Gini Dietrich (co-author of Marketing in the Round and blogger at SpinSucks) will be doing a terrific webinar on breaking down organizational silos, which every organization struggles with in some capacity. In the webinar you will learn:

Tips to break down silos and better integrate across marketing functions


  • Ideas for incentives for your marketing team
  • Methods to gain executive team support
  • How to measure holistic multichannel campaign success with SMARTER objectives, key performance indicators, and a dashboard that allows everyone access in an easy way

Register here: 


Five Tips for Holding a Twitter Chat that Doesn’t Suck

Is your organization thinking about holding a Twitter chat? Fantastic, but you need to be prepared if it’s going to be a success. Melissa Woodson has some great tips on holding a Twitter chat that doesn’t suck. In the post Woodson says “Decide how you are going to structure your chat. Will you let it flow organically? Or will you format it with specific questions every 10 minutes? Typically, the best chats have a finite timeframe—30 minutes to an hour—and are built around a series of questions. As the host, you’ll want to participate in the chat, but keep in mind the larger your chat, the harder it is to respond to each participant.”

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