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Allyson Kapin 5 min read

Tweetlytics: Monitor Your Organization's Impact on Twitter

Has your nonprofit been frustrated with the lack of comprehensive analytic tools for Twitter? How can organizations on a budget be expected to truly measure their impact and engagement using social media, if they don’t have the tools to properly analyze it? Thanks to Shana Glickfield of the BeeKeeper Group, I discovered a great new tool called tweetlytics that provides detailed analytics and slick graphical renderings of data that many of the other budget oriented Twitter analytic tools don’t have. Here’s how it works.

Organizations can sign-up to monitor between five and fifteen campaigns at a time that they are promoting on Twitter. Campaign Managers tag multiple keywords for each of the campaigns that they want to analyze. For example, if I were setting up tweetlytics for a group like Planned Parenthood, an example of a campaign would be Save Roe. Some keywords I would tag and track for the Save Roe campaign within tweetlytics would be prochoice, Roe Vs Wade, Planned Parenthood, as well as opposition keywords like anti-choice, prolife, etc.

Once the campaign is up and running, Campaign Managers login and generate reports. Reports can also be delivered to your inbox daily and include:

  • Total tweets and links about campaigns.
  • Top Twitter users who mention your campaigns. Campaign Managers can also click on the link and see the actual tweets.
  • Top hashtags
  • Tag clouds
  • Google-like Analytics mapping which not only tracks mentions of the campaign and keywords but where people are tweeting from.
  • Gender breakdown of people tweeting about your campaigns.

I was particularly impressed by how much organizations can drill down into the data. For example, organizations can not only see if more men or women are tweeting about their campaigns, but if the tweets are positive or negative. Tag clouds are also quite useful. By clicking on an organizations tag cloud, managers can view who is posting updates using that specific tag. Campaign Managers also have the ability to tag people and categorize them. Furthermore, campaign managers can use the dashboard and instantly reply to tweets.

While tweetlytics is still in beta and developing new features, this is a great tool for organizations to listen in on Twitter, quickly get a snap shot of people discussing their campaigns and to connect with them, which will ultimately lead to better engagement.

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