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Are your marketing tests too lean or too fat?

If you flip a coin 6 times, there is a good chance that it won’t be 50% heads and 50% tails.  But, as you flip the coin more times, it will converge to the 50/50 set (unless you have a crooked coin).

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Is Your Organization Looking At Alternative Audiences

Some companies, like Zygna, had early success thanks to cheap online advertising on Facebook. But with more companies entering the space, the ads got more expensive and that hit the Zygna’s bottom line hard.
Similarly, many of us are very aware that it is increasingly expensive to acquire new users. In fact, instead of  targeting obvious audiences (e.g. young moms), it is often more effective to try to identify lateral audiences that aren’t targeted as heavily. The percentage of users that click might be lower and the audience might be lower, but the lower cost per user can lead to a healthier return on investment (ROI). 
It can definitely be frustrating: not only do you have to think about your ideal audiences, you need to think about how your competitors are eyeing those same audiences or keywords. 

One good way to identify alternative audiences is to look at the traffic from your existing users. Google Analytics has added their new Demographics and Interests information and that could be explored for potential audiences. 

Sometimes it's handy to price out the cost of different audiences before going into a planning/brainstorming meeting.  That way you can highlight numbers around the obvious audiences and focus the group's creative energy on coming up with alternatives.   
I sometimes take a “long tail” approach and find smaller audiences/keywords that don’t necessarily have a high traffic numbers but that are relatively inexpensive. You’re not necessarily going to get a big bump in daily numbers, but you’ll have an efficient spend and that additional traffic never hurts. 

In any case, the "good old days" of cheap online advertising are over and we're now competing in a crowded space for a finite number of users.


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  Topics: Online Advertising, Lead Generation

What’s your Zero Moment of Truth strategy?

Proctor and Gamble came up with the term “First Moment of Truth” to describe the moment when a customer is looking at the shelf and chooses a particular product. The customer's choice is the result of a number of diverse factors -- from a recent ad campaign to the product’s orientation on the shelf -- but the customer’s act of choosing shows how it all comes together (or doesn't).  

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  Topics: Online Marketing

Pre-marketing: Is there an audience for your campaign?

Issue campaigns have a lot in common with startups, especially when it comes to marketing. For example, a non-profit will often come up with a campaign idea, invest significant resources in building the relevant tools, and then market it to the public. Sometimes the campaign is successful and even goes "viral", but too often it doesn't. This is very similar to startups that invest millions in developing a cool idea only to have it fail. Webvan --  which raised more than $800 million in venture funding only to go bankrupt -- is a classic example. 

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Using Psychology to Improve Your Communications

I've found that understanding some of the mind's cognitive biases can not only help nonprofit campaigners efficiently motivate our audiences into taking action online, but also help us be more effective professionally.

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  Topics: Misc., Online Organizing

Strategies For Optimizing Your Nonprofit's Website

Testing email subject lines and content is pretty easy with many email marketing tools, but there was never an easy way to do the same thing with webpages...until Google Optimizer.

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  Topics: SEO

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