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Who's Donating Through Cyberspace?

You might not be surprised that online donations are on the rise over the past few years.  However, you might be surprised by how much donors are giving and by the types of donors.   For starters, did you know online donations reached roughly $4.5 billion dollars in 2005?  This number is slightly inflated by the tragedies of Huricane Katrina and the Tsunami in South Asia, but this number is up from about $250 million in 2000. 

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  Topics: Online Fundraising

Don't Live in Fear Online--Let Users Post Comments!

By Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D., Executive Director, Internet Advocacy Center, Editor, MovingIdeas.org

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  Topics: Social Networking, Guest Blogs

Would you like a share of $5 million?

Source: Knight Brothers 21st Century News Challenge Web site.

If you read the title of this blog and thought to yourself, "of course," you probably aren't alone.  However, for those of you who are also thinking to yourself, "That sure would be nice, but I'm more likely to pass on Grandma's famous sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving than win any of that money," you might want to read further.  In a recent blog on Getting Attention, nonprofit marketing expert Nancy E. Schwartz wrote about an exceptional contest organized by the Knight Foundation.  The Knight's 21st Century News Challenge is asking anyone - yes, that includes you - to "share your idea how to use digital news and information in new ways to improve people’s connections and quality of life in actual, geographic communities."  These ideas might include pilot projects, commercial products and leadership initiatives that will improve the flow of information and news in the public interest. The Foundation is intentionally being vague in their requests to stimulate creativity.   

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  Topics: Misc.

Lean, Mean Blogging Machines

If you think your blogging gut is getting a little flabby, today is the day to whip it into shape.  Issues Dynamic, Inc. put together a "Beltway Blogger's Boot Camp" scheduled for today, November 13 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.  For more information on the event, click here.  The event will feature several guest speakers from the blogging world, and attendees  will receive  basic training in Communications, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs.  Participants will also be trained to make an impact in their blogs and on other Web sites such as Youtube, Myspace, Digg. We'll report back in a few days. For now, it's off to Boot Camp!

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  Topics: Online Marketing

Crowd-sourcing to Clean up Elections and Foil Chad

Source: VoterStory Web site

Voters, listen up.  If you think your voting experience is meaningless, think again.  We all heard about the voting mishaps from the past several elections.  How could we forget the infamous "hanging chad?"   I'm pretty sure Chad and I had gym class together in seventh grade.  Anyway, with technological advances taking over the election process, new problems and concerns are troubling many voters. 

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  Topics: Technology

Hey Voters, Will You Be My Friends on Myspace?

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  Topics: Social Networking

Climb Through the Clutter on YouTube?

Source: DogooderTV Web site

As you might already know, YouTube provides internet surfers with all kinds of random videos.   It's probably the only place where you can find video clips of last night's tv shows,  a home video of a youth baseball game, and a video of a shrimp on a treadmill-- all within a few clicks of each other.   Yes, that last clip is available and the original posting was viewed over one million times! 

Anyway, several nonprofits looking to explore new ways to promote themselves  have uploaded videos on YouTube.  The problem lies in the clutter.  Videos from nonprofits get mixed in with the aforementioned videos, and reaching the target audience becomes a challenge. 

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  Topics: Video

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