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What Social Media Strategy Looks like for Safe Place

It was a sunny SxSW Saturday last week where people came together for  Zoetica Media's brunch and brainstorm session -- with one nonprofit in mind:   Safe Place.

Community and a Strategic Starting Point
The goal was to look at Safe Place's community, internally and externally, and offer a strategic starting point for this nonprofit's social media plan.
They are doing vital work in the Austin area. Their team provides shelter, a 24 hour hotline, and educational services to those impacted by sexual violence and domestic abuse.  
I haven't discussed this topic very much, especially in a brainstorm setting like this. Despite that discomfort, I was motivated by just how compelling a discussion group can be in the face of greater community impact.

Key Questions: A Social Media Plan Takes Shape
Who really is a community partner? 
How do they engage with eachother?
These questions were at the heart of discussion.  And Narissa Johnson, Safe Place's communications director, observed some interesting results from the conversations.  
In this onsite video interview, we talk about what most stood out strategically for taking her social media plan to the next level.
What do you think about these ideas? What would you add for moving her social media plan forward?


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Tech & Style Tips for Conducting Blog Interviews

I’m hooked on interviews as blog content -simply addicted.

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