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Craig Grella

Craig Grella is a Content Marketer at Bonterra. Craig focuses on digital strategy using email marketing, online advertising campaigns, SMS campaigns, CRM management, reporting/analytics for KPIs, and more. He’s also the founder of Think Big Campaigns, a full-service consulting firm that specializes in political consulting, digital organizing, and issue advocacy.

Website: https://www.bonterratech.com/

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A Beginner’s Guide: How to Run Your First Advocacy Campaign

Advocacy campaigns drive society to consistently progress toward a better, more livable world. They bring attention to issues that hold us back and empower supporters to take specific actions that are aimed at addressing and resolving those problems. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions to creating more livable home environments for at-risk youth, and everything in between, advocacy campaigns have the potential to drive real progress for your cause.

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  Topics: Online Advocacy, advocacy, activism

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