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Caitlin Ochs

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EEN's Avatars Campaign Brings Online Marketing to Life

Imagine having the ability to translate virtual reality into actual reality.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Integrated Marketing, Technology

51% of Donors 'Not At All Interested' in Social Networks

A recent survey by  Harris Interactive and Virilion unearthed some surprising results about donor preferences for receiving information.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Marketing Research, Online Fundraising, Trends

Google AdWords for Nonprofits: 10 Tips About Keywords

With a content network that reaches over 75% of unique internet users in more than 20 languages and over 100 countries, Google AdWords can be a powerful marketing tool. Though the efficiency of the program continues to be debated, Google Grants could offer your nonprofit free ads and assistance setting up an account! It should be noted, however, that while Google Adwords is one potential source of advertising for nonprofits, the volume of response from its campaigns to date have been lackluster.

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  Topics: Online Marketing, Lead Generation

Worldwide Protest Organized on Facebook

Need more proof of the organizing power of social networks? Look no further than the USA Today article covering a massive worldwide protest organized via a Facebook event that gathered close to 100,000 people in 165 cities around the world--all in less than a month's time.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Organizing, Case Studies

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