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Salima Mangalji 2 min read

So you want to get into online advocacy?

It starts with the action!  An engaging action, one that is shareable and appealing to not only your audience, but also friends of your supporters, is the first step in launching your effective online advocacy strategy. 

Once you have created your action:

  • Don’t just rely on email.  Yes, send it to your email list, but also post your action on social media, use “self-serve” channels like the DailyKos, and see if bloggers will display it on their sites.
  • Segment your supporters and target your emails.  Avoid the unsubscribes and worse, the dreaded MARK AS SPAM, by sending your emails to active supporters and those who would be interested in taking your action.
  • Use paid acquisition to get your action in front of an audience.
  • Think about working with another group or organization to amplify the action.

Bottom line, just creating an awesome action is not enough.  Get the full scoop on effective online advocacy from this white paper by PowerThru Consulting and Care2.